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  • One black packet (next to a red bag coffee) with a golden label. Next the natural ingredients:  bowl of turmeric latte powder and turmeric fresh natural roots
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Latte Powder Turmeric Golden Latte "Arkadia" 500g

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Embracing the latest café beverage trends in Australia and experience the harmonious fusion of premium turmeric, tantalising spices, and organic panela sugar, meticulously balanced for your enjoyment.

This radiant elixir has swiftly become the preferred choice for those seeking a caffeine-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly morning rejuvenation. Simply add this exquisite turmeric blend to your preferred hot milk, and savor the indulgence of a delicious and naturally golden latte. For the ultimate serving suggestion, we highly recommend using soy milk.

At Di Lorenzo Coffee, our dedication lies in delivering the most indulgent café-style lattes. Every sip of this meticulously blended masterpiece offers a harmonious symphony of tea, aromatic spices, and distinctive flavours. Allow yourself to unwind and relish in the perfection of your ideal cup of coffeehouse-style goodness.