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  • The original and the best bonsoy milk box with the classic yellow and purple box. Next to it a cup of the best coffee di lorenzo,
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Milk - Soy "Bonsoy" 1L

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Bonsoy, the renowned soy milk brand, is meticulously crafted from a carefully chosen selection of whole organic soybeans. These soybeans undergo a rigorous processing method that adheres to the highest standards, ensuring that you receive the utmost quality and goodness that nature has to offer.

In perfect harmony with Bonsoy, Di Lorenzo Coffee presents its premium blend, meticulously curated using organic, high-quality coffee beans. With a meticulous roasting process, we have created a coffee that embodies excellence. Our blend is crafted to be non-acidic, making it the ideal companion to Bonsoy soy milk without any risk of curdling. The result is a smooth and robust coffee beverage that delivers a truly indulgent experience.

Allow the fusion of Bonsoy and Di Lorenzo Coffee to awaken your taste buds and elevate your coffee moments.


Filtered Water, Organic Whole Soybeans Min 14% (Certif, Usda, Nop), Tapioca Syrup, Sea Salt, Job's Tears (Hato Mugi), Calcium Carbonate.