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Di Lorenzo Coffee

Coffee capsules – Nespresso compatible (80)

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Produced in Australia, our compostable coffee capsules are the sustainable choice to have your luxurious coffee anywhere. With all the flavour of our specialty blend, our capsules are made from 100% plant-based biodegradable and compostable materials. Enjoy the deep cacao, nutty taste any time of the day. A real smooth, rich coffee experiencein a plant-based capsule.

Compatible with Nespresso machines. Each box contains 8 packs of 10 capsules (5.3g).

Coffee Profile

Region: South America (Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala), Africa (Ethiopia), Asia (India)
Roast: Italian espresso
Flavour: Deep cacao, nutty, caramel
Body: Strong, silky
Finish: Refined, sweet
Best with: Espresso or milk

Machine Compatibility

Compatible with original Nespresso machines