Our Coffee Story

From Italy with love.

Di Lorenzo Coffee was born from the obsession of perfection, and love of Italian coffee. Missing the taste of home, Aldo Cozzi perfected the recipe for his specialty blend barista coffee in 2003. He loved it so much that he named it after his wife, Mina Di Lorenzo.

Together with a passionate team of coffee lovers, he has since partnered with over 250 cafes and restaurants across Australia and around the world to share his authentic Italian blend.

It's all about the coffee.

To maintain the quality of each cup, every coffee bean is handpicked from the best farms and growing regions across Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala and India. The true perfection comes from how we blend the beans from each region with our secret roasting technique to achieve our much loved luxurious flavour.

​The full body flavours of our specialty blend are rich in deep cacao, with undertones of nuts and caramel, and a naturally refined sweet finish. Your palate will be left wanting for more with tones of warm chocolate and a subtle linger of caramel aftertaste.