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  • Bag of Organic Best quality di lorenzo coffee beans, the bag is white and it desbribe the eco-fabolous coffee beans, the bets organic coffee espresso in australia
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Di Lorenzo Coffee

Organico Eco Fabulous "Di Lorenzo" 1Kg

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Discover the unparalleled taste of our premium quality coffee beans sourced from sustainable and certified organic farms in Africa, Central America, and the Pacific regions. These carefully selected beans are expertly roasted in Australia to deliver the perfect espresso flavour.

Whether enjoyed as an espresso shot or paired with plant-based milk, our coffee beans guarantee an exceptional and unforgettable coffee experience. Experience the finest flavours that nature has to offer with our ethically sourced and distributed coffee beans.

Coffee Profile

Region: Africa, Central America, Pacific Regions
Roast: Espresso roast
Flavour: Deep cacao, nutty, caramel
Body: Bold, rich
Finish: Hazelnut, sticky jam
Best with:  Espresso or plant based milk