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Di Lorenzo Coffee

Decaffeinated Zerocaff Mountain Water "Di Lorenzo" 250g

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Experience the true essence of our specialty blend, meticulously crafted to preserve all its delightful flavours while offering a caffeine-free alternative. Our beans undergo a meticulous and entirely natural decaffeination process.

During this 100% chemical-free process, the green coffee beans are immersed in water, allowing for the extraction of caffeine while retaining the soluble components that hold the essence of the flavour. This gentle extraction method ensures that the beans maintain their original composition, allowing you to savour every nuance and subtlety of the blend.

Coffee Profile
: South America (Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala), Africa (Ethiopia), Asia (India)
Roast: Italian espresso
Flavour: Deep cacao, nutty, caramel
Body: Strong, silky
Finish: Refined, sweet
Best with: Espresso or milk